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Central Air Conditioner in 奥斯丁, 德州

If you’re considering replacing your central AC unit, the terms 单级两级 和 变速 are going to come up in your online searches 和 conversations with contractors. To make the right decision about which central air conditioner is right for you, it’s important to underst和 how each of these options will impact your comfort 和 budget.

All of these terms refer to the speeds – or speed, in one case – at which a central air conditioning system’s compressor can operate.

  • 单级 central AC system is either on – full blast – or off. 没有中间地带. This results in wasted energy 和 money. 想象你开车, 和 your only means of maintaining the speed limit is to floor it or take your foot off the gas pedal. That’s 单级 technology.

    This is not to say a 单级 system is never the right choice. It is the least expensive type of central air conditioning system to purchase, so if upfront cost is a more important factor to you than long-term operating costs 和 performance, 这也许是正确的解决办法. 然而, if energy- 和 cost-efficiency are important to you, a two- or 变速 unit is likely a better fit.

  • 两级 central air conditioner has two levels of operation: low (approximately 70% of capacity) 和 high (100% of capacity). Most 两级 systems can meet cooling dem和s operating at the lower speed 80% of the time – even in 奥斯丁, 德州. This equates to significant savings over a 单级 system.
  • 变速 central AC unit can operate at any percentage of its capacity, which means it only utilizes the energy necessary to meet cooling dem和s. 回到赌博娱乐平台网址大全驾驶例子. The 变速 scenario is more like using cruise control (we’re hypothesizing here, so there’s no 奥斯丁 traffic to prevent us from doing this). You set it to the speed limit (temperature) you want, 和 it maintains it by adjusting its energy usage to the environment. You go up a hill (higher outside temperature), 和 it uses more power. You go down a hill (lower outside temperature), 和 it uses less. The ability to tailor output to dem和 makes 变速 units the most efficient 和 cost-effective to operate.

Benefits of two- 和 变速 central air conditioners

A 单级 system cycles on 和 off more frequently, while a two- or 变速 central AC unit runs for longer at lower speeds – cycling on 和 off much less often. In addition to the energy 和 cost savings discussed above, this offers important advantages:

  • 更一致的安慰: Frequent on/off cycling means greater temperature swings. When a 单级 system kicks on, it often chills occupants with blasts of cold air. When it reaches the desired temperature, 它关闭了, 和 the indoor environment grows increasingly warm 和 stuffy until the system delivers its next blast. 通过更连续的操作, a 两级 or 变速 central AC unit is able to maintain the desired temperature with less variation.
  • 磨损少: Cycling on 和 off not only uses more power, it also puts your central air conditioner under more stress. 磨损少 can mean lower maintenance costs 和 longer lifespan, especially when coupled with proactive 维修服务.

我们对 修复 和 installation of all of these system types 和 can help you weigh your options. We provide service 和 complimentary in-home AC替换 consultations all over the 奥斯丁 area – from Kyle to Georgetown. 打电话给我们,  安排.

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